It is estimated that around 20% of the population has thought about the idea that everything is really one. Imagine the benefits if this idea spreads, and more people come to the realization of our fundamental connectedness. But what does it mean that everything is really one? What is oneness?

While oneness is a concept that is somewhat in vogue nowadays, a thorough discussion of its nature has yet to be undertaken. In this blog, we will address this beginning with a naturalistic perspective, then shifting to a spiritual perspective, and finally integrating the two. We think there is something here for everyone!


At Mazlow, it is our mission to help people see the intrinsic connection to all things. Going further, one could say that earth and all of its organisms are one single entity – the Gaia hypothesis. It doesn’t take much to see the merits of this view – after all, the planet started as a pile of space dust, and everything that has evolved since was born out of the physical mass that was formed from the dust.

Consider this – up until homo sapiens came along, evolution did its own thing, obviously unaided by human thought. The intricate balance of ecosystems, the growth and extinction of species, the merging and breaking apart of landmasses – all these things and more occurred as a result of natural forces. Indeed, the creation of the human species itself is an amazing act born out of this process!

When we take a step back and look at natural processes over eons, we see that nature is involved in an ongoing act of constant creation, destruction, and rebirth. When looked at from that perspective, we sense an inherent connection to all of life – after all, the same process that has created the earth and all life forms is the same process that has created us.


Although we could stop at the naturalistic perspective, many of us intuit that there is something deeper going on, perhaps something that is metaphysical. The idea that there is a deeper reality than that which we can perceive with our senses does not seem so far-fetched anymore – there have been countless stories of people who have died and been revived, describing a reality more vivid and real than this one.

What might this larger reality be, and what does it have to do with oneness? Well, many people who have had profound spiritual experiences, whether through an NDE, meditation, or psychedelic, describe a profound feeling of unconditional love and acceptance when they separate from their body or mind. Called an ego-death, this state of being is often filled with a divine light, and accompanied by overwhelming feeling of interconnection to all of life. 

This divine light is often identified as emanating from God. Although the concept of God has changed throughout human history, a spiritual view is that God is the singular positive and conscious force in the Universe, counteracting a negative force that breaks down order. This positive force is benevolent, nurturing, and pulls us towards it. In this view, God – or the singular positive force if you prefer, unifies all, and is the basis for a spiritual view of oneness.


Although it may seem that the naturalistic and metaphysical views of oneness can never be integrated, a deeper consideration shows that they are actually pointing to the same phenomena – increasing consciousness through evolution.

According to the naturalistic view of oneness, the same universal forces that created the planet also created all life. Evolution may be thought of as the creation of order from disorder, the opposite phenomena of entropy. Starting from simple life forms, increasingly complex and intelligent life forms have seemingly evolved randomly, against all odds. 

We have come to a point in our evolution where we are now evolving increasing self-awareness, including the awareness that we are interconnected to each other and the planet. There is a growing understanding that unless we take care of each other and stop harming life on this planet, we may go extinct. In other words, evolution is pointing us to oneness. 

The spiritual perspective says exactly the same thing. From that perspective, there is a singular positive force that is responsible for increasing consciousness. This positive force works through us, pointing us towards greater harmony and connection, both to other humans and all of life. In other words, evolution is the action of this positive force working through all of life and also points to oneness.

Both the spiritual and naturalistic views of oneness point to the need for increasing consciousness and understanding how our actions affect others, including other life forms. In other words, whichever way you come at it, there is a deep need for us to now see each other as ourselves – to come together as one.


Whether you have a spiritual view of reality or not, it is becoming increasingly clear that humanity’s current path is untenable. Increasing ideological strife, environmental damage, erosion of ecosystems, and governmental tyranny are all results of humankind’s dark nature – one that we evolved in order to survive.

Fortunately, a new tool is emerging – self-awareness. Through the power of consciousness, we can begin to change our future for the better. It is now time to recognize that we have this power, and come together to harness it for the betterment of humankind and the earth. 


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