One Love Recycled Plastic Shirt

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The way to come together, heal the world, and reach our potential is through Love. Show your commitment to Love by wearing this One Love Recycled Plastic Shirt.


The One Love Recycled Plastic Shirt is a symbol for our Oneness movement. The stump represents two people in unity (representing all of humanity), connected to the tree (representing all of nature), all shaped like a heart. This symbolizes our purpose here on earth – love for ourselves, nature, and others. Shirts are made out of eight bottles of recycled plastic, which removes plastic from our oceans. Shirts are available in sizes XS-XXL. Colors include beige and orange, and black and beige, printed with eco ink. Wash: cold.

With the purchase of each shirt we help:


All shirts are made from recycled plastic, removing plastic and BPA from our ecosystem, and thus from our food and water. The shirt ink is eco, so no chemicals will leak into our body when wearing this shirt.

The Planet

Each shirt is made out of 8 plastic bottles, removing toxic plastic from the oceans and repurposing it into useful products.

Each Other

Shirts are produced in Haiti and Guatemala, allowing those who manufacture them to live thriving lives by earning a fair wage.

Those In Need

You help those in need! We contribute one basic need to someone in need for each item purchased and your purchase allows us to hire someone in need of employment.


Creating a better world for us all!

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We are the first business dedicated to helping bring humanity together as ONE to address major issues, beginning with BASIC NEEDS!

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