One Earth Recycled Cotton Tote Bag

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The One Earth Recycled Cotton Tote Bag represents a world where all people, animals, and the planet are unified. Show your support for a united planet with the purchase of this bag!

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The One Earth Recycled Cotton Tote Bag is made out of recycled cotton and is natural color. The bag is perfect for grocery shopping, or going to the beach, gym or a picnic, and is an easy carryall, especially during those busy days spent shopping or running errands. More importantly, it is all eco, chemical free,  and, through regular use, it keeps out ~500 plastic bags from the ocean each year. Also, the bag pays itself off as you no longer have to buy plastic bags. The bag is very durable, and designed to last. The bag comes with parallel straps. The size of the bag is: 16″W x 15.5″H x 3″Gusset (Bottom). The weight of the bag is 5oz.

With the purchase of each bag we help:


All eco bag – no chemicals (even the ink is eco) and no BPA. The bag pays itself off as you no longer have to pay for plastic grocery bags.

Each Other

Bags are produced in India and are fair trade, allowing those who manufacture them to live thriving lives by earning a fair wage.

The Planet

Bag is made out of recycled cotton. Through regular use of the bag, you can keep ~500 plastic grocery bags out of our oceans every year.

Those In Need

You help those in need! We contribute one basic need to someone in need for each item purchased and your purchase allows us to hire someone in need of employment.

Creating a better world for us all!

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