Our second basic needs operation

We recently conducted our second basic needs operation in the Kibera slum in Nairobi, Kenya! Our team on the ground was able to reach ten recipients, handing out five food items to each recipient. We are able to support our basic needs operations with your help. For each product you purchase, we donate one basic need (currently, an item of food) to someone in need, and provide economic opportunities for our team on the ground in the Kibera.


Although our operation was small in scale, we managed to reach ten recipients, donating five items of maize meal to each recipient. From time to time, our team on the ground comes across amazing people in the Kibera with unique stories and aspirations. We have noted a few below that we reached this time.

Team lead Erick Okoth handing out need to Elizabeth Atieno

Our team on the ground met a woman named Elizabeth Atieno. After receiving the food donations, she told our team about the lack of economic opportunities that has shattered her dream of educating her children. She can’t afford school fees, uniforms, or other school materials. She is hoping that Mazlow can one day help her in educating her children.

Erick handing out need to Susan

One of our team members, George Otieno, handed out basic needs to a woman named Susan. Susan is partially blind (she has sight in one eye only). Due to her condition, many employers turn her away, and she is now jobless. Our hope is to provide economic opportunities for people like Susan as we grow.

Mary Adhiambo thanking one of our customers, Geordan.

Mary Adhiambo was extremely thankful after receiving food donations from the Mazlow team. Mary, who has lived in the Kibera slum for more than two years, says life in the slum can be very challenging. She is a casual waitress in a local eatery where she has to work for 14 hours a day, 6 days a week, and earns only $2.50 per day.

We reached other recipients who all have interesting stories to share about their experiences in the Kibera slum. All recipients were grateful, and share our vision that Oneness can bring about real change in our world.


You can support our mission of spreading the positive impact of Oneness and supporting basic needs through the purchase of our products. Purchase of our products supports our basic needs operation, and creates economic opportunities for our Kibera team.