Join the Oneness Movement, receive a bracelet, and we will donate an item of food to someone in need!

Join the Oneness Movement today for $20

Join the Oneness Movement today for $20

Receive a Hand-crafted copper bracelet

Feed a family of four for 5 days

Employ someone in need of work


The Oneness Movement copper bracelet

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Our Quest for Oneness Begins with Basic Needs


Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs states that if basic needs are not met, then higher order goals will be unattainable. We aim to implement the Hierarchy through a Oneness Movement. We are conducting basic needs operations in hard-hit areas to address lower level needs, and creating oneness content to address higher level needs. It is time to come together as ONE!

We are harnessing the power of oneness to meet human needs

We are a one for one company – when you join the Oneness Movement or purchase a product, we will contribute an item of maize meal to someone in the Kibera slum.  We are running monthly basic needs campaigns there to address poverty there.



When you join the Oneness Movement we contribute an item of food to someone in need.


Rachelle Chartrand


Knowing the team behind Mazlow personally, I can attest to their authenticity, focus and commitment to all they are setting out to achieve with the movement. The world is moving in the right direction with the Mazlow Oneness Movement! Thanks for all you do!

Danny Rongo aka
"That Oneness Guy"


I totally L O V E my new copper ‘ONE’ bracelet! The spiritual message along with the physical benefits that it provides makes it a MUST HAVE! Thank you to my friends at ‘Mazlow’ and a very special thanks to the special friends living in Kibera who made this special product with their own hands!

Erick Okoth


Kibera slum residents now have more direct and indirect economic opportunities thanks to Mazlow. We also distribute basic needs to the needy who face various challenges and sometimes sleep hungry. Mazlow is bringing humanity together as one. We are all ONE.

Coming Together as ONE!

Oneness Movement

We are creating a Oneness Movement to address human needs! We believe that Oneness – a state of being where a person sees the inherent unity of all things – is the premier way to address deep societal problems. To that end, we regularly create Oneness content discussing the connections we share with each other and the planet, and are conducting basic needs operations in the Kibera slum in Nairobi, Kenya. Welcome to Oneness!


Oneness Economy

We are building Oneness Economies to help those in need have the opportunity to thrive! A Oneness economy considers the needs of all people (and the needs of the planet!) in the area it exists, not just the needs of the businesses there.

Our Oneness Economy consists of an Economic Opportunity Program and a Basic Needs Operation, which we are first implementing in the Kibera slum, near Nairobi, Kenya.

Building a OnenessEconomy in the Kibera
Kibera Craftsmen and Women Making Copper Bracelet

Economic Opportunity Program

Our products are made by those in need of economic opportunities! Covid-19 has devastated many countries economically, but the people of the Kibera have been particularly hard hit. Former partners have pulled out of the region, leaving them without work.

We are building a team of craftsmen and women in the Kibera to make our products. We pay them a fair wage. As we grow, we will invest more money (and more importantly, Love!) in the Kibera, giving back to the community that enables us to grow.

Basic Needs Operation

We donate an item of maize meal to someone in need for each product purchased. We conducted our first basic needs operation in the Kibera recently. Our team on the ground assesses who is most in need and what needs are most helpful at the time of the operation. They then purchase the needs and distribute them.

As we grow, we look forward to many more successful basic needs operations in the Kibera and beyond!

Our First Basic Needs Operation in the Kibera Slum

We are bringing humanity together as ONE through higher consciousness!

Joining the Oneness Movement funds our basic needs operation, moving us closer to unity.


Below are some Frequently Asked Questions you may have about Mazlow.

When we see ourselves as fundamentally separate from each other and the planet, it is more difficult to extend compassion to others. On the other hand, the more we see each other as ourselves (the essence of Oneness), the more likely we are to engage with the world with an open heart. When coupled with action, this can lead to great positive changes.

When you join the Oneness Movement, we contribute an item of food (maize meal) to someone in need in the Kibera slum through basic needs operations. We aim to conduct these operations monthly as we grow.

When you join the Oneness Movement, you will receive a copper bracelet. The bracelet is made by hand by our team in the Kibera slum. Our team there has been devastated economically by Covid, and is grateful for the economic opportunities your support provides.

We select areas where we will have high impact. Our first basic needs operation is in the Kibera slum, near Nairobi, Kenya. The residents of this area lack many basic needs, including safe water, healthy food, and adequate housing. As we expand, we will address some of these issues there and beyond.

After you join, please allow 48-72 hours for us to process your order. For the copper bracelet offered here, the only shipping option we  offer is USPS First Class Mail. You will receive an email when we ship. You should receive your order 3-7 days after we ship.

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee from the date your order was received. Please ship the product to:

12911 Flint Street
Overland Park, KS 66213

Please note that we will refund the cost of the product only (no shipping costs).

“The God who existed before any religion counts on you to make the oneness of the human familyknown and celebrated.” – Desmond Tutu


How your Purchase Helps


Join the Movement by purchasing a ONE Bracelet


We will donate an item of food to someone in Kibera slum Kenya


Bracelets are made by those in need and support fair trade compensation

Our world is remarkably unequal - the gap between the rich and the poor has never been wider. Covid-19 has made the situation worse. While an additional 120 million people have been pushed into extreme poverty, global billionaires have seen their wealth surge by $5.5 trillion!

The Oneness Movement copper bracelet

Our bracelet is made out of recycled copper and cotton. No more ingesting of BPA, chemicals, and micro-plastic.

Our bracelet is eco-friendly. No more plastic, or chemicals entering our oceans, and ecosystems.

Fair trade compensation from sourcing materials to manufacturing to purchase. Everyone wins.

When you join, we donate an item of food, and it allows us to hire someone in need of employment.

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