Cofounder Ravi Muti
Cofounder Rohit Parthasarathy
Cofounder Greg Melanson


Although the three of us (see left or above) have come together to co-found Mazlow, our life paths up to this point have been different. However, we have shared some common passions. These passions include traveling, spirituality, and sustainable economic development. These passions have inspired us to create a conscious business.

A Passion for Traveling

We share a passion for traveling. Visiting many foreign countries and meeting a diverse people has opened up our hearts and minds to the idea that we share this planet with all our brothers and sisters. It is no longer viable to pretend that only our corner of the world matters.

A Passion for Spirituality

We also share a passion for spirituality. We realized that our true nature lies in higher consciousness. From that perspective, one sees that all of life is intimately connected. On the other hand, from the perspective of ordinary consciousness, we are all separate, competing with one another for supremacy of ideology, power, and money. This clearly is not working. Thus, we were motivated to start Mazlow, a conscious business, to explore our true nature collectively.

A Passion for Sustainable Economic Development

Finally, we are passionate about sustainable economic development. Seeing the poverty at home and abroad has convinced us that economic despair is at the root of many social problems. However, we must be careful that economic development does not end up doing serious damage to our planet. For example, although plastic offers advantages to humans, it is having a devastating impact on our oceans. Sustainable economic systems are needed, and as a conscious business, we look forward to working with others to develop such systems. Our basic needs campaign is the first step in this process. By bringing awareness to this issue, we hope to encourage action on the part of those who are awakening.

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We are creating a Oneness Movement to evolve! We will also address basic needs and economic systems through the lens of Oneness. We invite you to join us!

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We are a conscious business implementing Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs from top to bottom! We are addressing the top three layers of the Hierarchy through a Oneness Movement. Our goal is to use the power of higher consciousness to move towards self-actualization. We are addressing the bottom two layers through a basic needs campaign and an economic opportunity program for those in need. We believe that in order to self-actualize (reach Oneness) it is necessary to lift up those in need. We invite you to join our Oneness Movement!

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
Business model


We are a for-profit but socially conscious business inspired by Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. We raise revenue through the sale of eco-friendly products with Oneness messages, which allows us to continue our mission. By paying a fair trade price to those who manufacture our products, we create economic opportunities for those in need. We contribute one basic need for each product purchased. This translates to roughly 10% of our revenue towards our basic needs campaign. To the left is a chart showing (roughly) where each dollar of revenue goes.

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Why the name Mazlow?

We were inspired by Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, which postulates that if basic needs are not met, other life-enriching needs and wants will be difficult to achieve. We changed the spelling of Maslow to Mazlow as a play on words and due to our unique interpretation of Maslow’s Hierarchy – we believe that reaching Oneness is what self-actualization is all about, and that reaching Oneness requires lifting up those in need.

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“The definition of a good society is one in which virtue pays.” – Abraham Maslow

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